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Anonymous: Hello there (: Just wanted to say that you're themes are so lovely, and very professional looking. You really have a talent with web design! Just curious, are you currently in / working towards a career as a graphic or web designer? Because if not, you should totally consider it!

Thank you, it really means a lot to me that people like my themes. As for professional web design, nope, that’s not going to be my career path. I have done some freelance coding work before which is why I know this won’t be something that interests me. It’s something I enjoy, and I know people say you need to find a career you enjoy, but I also believe it isn’t something that can bring in a stable income unless you’re very, very, very good at it. But again, thanks!

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best of  World Cup 2014 । part 2
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best of  world cup 2014 । part 1
Posted July 12 2014, 10:34 PM

Personal pet peeve of mine.

Those “character moodboard” graphics going around as the latest trend - they aren’t moodboards! They’re design/branding boards/guides.

I understand converting it to your graphics but when used in web design a moodboard is a totally different thing to the brand/identity graphic, one is used to show inspiration and the general “mood” and the other is basically a style guide.

And leads to the next pet peeve: “typography” is not in any way the equivalent of “quote(s)”. Most obviously know this, but on tumblr, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone thought they were the same (or if they got misinformed).

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