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July 26 2014
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The Night Shift + Drew & Krista friendship [requested by sparklingteenagecthulhu]

"Hi "honey”, how was your day?”  

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July 14 2014
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Anonymous Asked
Hello there (: Just wanted to say that you're themes are so lovely, and very professional looking. You really have a talent with web design! Just curious, are you currently in / working towards a career as a graphic or web designer? Because if not, you should totally consider it!

Thank you, it really means a lot to me that people like my themes. As for professional web design, nope, that’s not going to be my career path. I have done some freelance coding work before which is why I know this won’t be something that interests me. It’s something I enjoy, and I know people say you need to find a career you enjoy, but I also believe it isn’t something that can bring in a stable income unless you’re very, very, very good at it. But again, thanks!

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