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March 25 2013
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imageyousmelllikesnow replied to your post: Top 5 New Shows of the Year So Far…

loving the americans and the following, haven’t heard of the other three, worth checking out??
I would suggest trying Vikings (if historical/period shows is your thing). It’s on the History Channel but surprisingly good and definitely a lot more historically accurate than things like The Tudors or The Borgias.

Banshee is good as well, less character driven but I love there the plot moves forward, and at a fast pace with twists that keep you guessing and there are good action scenes (kinda reminds me of Nikita) - overall it doesn’t take itself too seriously which is always good. Should note there is quite a lot of sex - the explicit cable kind.

Top of the Lake only actually just aired but it has Elisabeth Moss and what I’ve seen so far looks promising - I just hope the case actually gets solved unlike The Killing. The cinematography is amazing as well.

Missing e and the tumblr are seriously hating on each other, it took me 4 times, clicking the reply bubble before this worked
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